john marman : Started my 1963 today 9-7-03 your site is very inspiring. Great job man.
Michael Vogel : I would like to speak to you regarding restoring your Lincoln. I recently purchased a 1963 Sedan and would like some pointers.
Michael Vogel : Please contact me on my email adress, thank you in advance.
Doug : Steve, I have a 61 Lincoln that I am just about to start on and I may need parts. Can you help me out. Doug. Thanks
alex McGlenn : thats sweet, i have a 62 lincoln and if anyone has a deck lid thats in desent condition and u wanna get rid of it plzzzzzz email me thx....
rochelle : mazel tov
Dave Nepley : Stu, It was good talking about your car experiences today at the Lincoln show (10/19). I will write a paragraph in our local Ford club newsletter about your site and your son's capabilities. I will email others as well. Good job!
Dave Nepley : I have a friend who has 4 "64 Mercury Comets with grills that make them look like "baby Lincolns", small versions of yours. He has both a Comet website and a Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3 site. I will let him check this out and will try to give info on his sites later.
Lisa and Zeke : Message Looks Great Stu! Nice job on the web site Paul.
Don Stephenson : Just another 1963 Linciln Continental owner in Oregon. Still in process of restoration.
Chris Kuppinger : Stu, Awesome car! It really came out great. You have to be so happy and proud, as I'm sure your folks would have been. One thing though...You better not tell your better half that you're smuggling in strange women in your trunk! From the looks of it, you could fit a whole harem in there! Have fun with the new toy, Chris
Kirby : 2004 cruise
Pam Remy : Stuart, I had not heard about your saga with your car, but I am impressed with your tenacity and your beautiful car. Drive in style! And I also congratulate your son for a wonderful job on this website.
norman schwartz : unfortuantelt did not see the car "before" however the "after" pics are beautiful---enjoy and be safe
Kelly : I've seen the real thing when Stu brought it to Peddlers Village. It's fantastic!
D.Senecal : !love it!
Mark J Hoag : Sure is great to see another Lincoln brought back to life... Restoration is a long and costly business, but worth it!. See ya on the LCOC can visit my site at
Brian P. O\\\'Keefe : Last November, bought a "67 convert froma gal up in Warwick, R.I. This car may have belonged to rhe Kennedy family at one time. Somewhat rusty but restorable
Rob Wiesenthal : Congratulations. Now enjoy it!
Alfred Lewis : Great story, inspiring! It helped me to decide to buy a '62 Continental convertible I'd been debating buying. Thanks for the incentive.
Peter van Velzen : A Job well done, great pics to get my 63 done. Although the site is being build you can take a peek at one of my three Lincoln's at
Richard Samuel : I would like to know how much was the restoration
Sam Sala : They dont get much nicer than this fine car...i have a 63 also, and this gives me hope that one day it WILL turn out...the 63 has been my dream car since I was 10, now I have one and cant wait till i can put it next to yours with pride. GREAT WORK!!!
dMacias : I have a '64, and seeing your lady finnished is a great help. I hope to get started by the end of this year and I will set up my own site. You have a fantastic car and good luck with all the future driving. enjoy and be safe
Steve Ross : I own a 62 lincoln, seeing your car, makes me what to start on mine soon. Mine won't be as much, my is operational now, in fact it is my second car, i drive it to work daily. do you know a good body guy, i live in california
Briyan : Awesome looking ride, I too would like to know what the ending cost was if you dont mind me asking. I've been a fan of the Continentals, particularly the 63 for years now, and when Im alittle more financially secure, I'd like to pick one up and restore it. Nice pictures, great job on the website.
Juliano leone : Cool car man! I just bought a '62 with only 17,000 original miles. The only thing is that it was kept outside. The interior is grea, but the paint and dash pad need some work. If you have any advice on parts or what not, send me a message at THanks!
Smoky Panepinto : Stu, Thanks for the inspiration. Its magnificent!
Eric Weinstein : That has got to be one the best most beautiful '63's I have ever laid my eyes on! I give you lots of credit. You deserve it. I am in the middle of buying a '63 of my own. Your Lincoln is an enormous inspiration! I was wondering if I had any questions if I may contact you? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and once again, great job man.
raul zuiga : Muchas felicidades por su auto, es un auto que en lo particular me gusta mucho, yo tengo un grand marquis 81 (porque no puedo tener un lincoln de cualqque voy a empezar a restaurar
Justin : Well it seems that in 73' my grandpa bought a 63 continental convertiblefor 700 bucks. IT was well worth it until the dumb shit that was moving it onto the trailer with a forlift dropped it and bent the frame :-( . Then he just bought a regular 4 door sedan and we still have it to this dayWe also have a 71 cadallic coupe deville and a 69 roadrunner.
Mike Stortini : Love the car and the effort spent bringing it back to life. I have a 1985 Cartier Town Car that I have had since new (and never winter driven or "smacked". Hope in another 20 years it will look as good as your 63 does today.
Marc Zuckerman : Great story. Congratulations. I have a 63 convertible and love the car. Enjoy yours.
Randall Wright : I'm really a Mark III lover but this article makes me far less afraid to attempt a restoration rather than pay the much higher priced of originally maintained vehicles. Great looking work!
Tom Felix : Great Website, Congratulations on completing the project!
Phill Bruno : That was a great story on your 63. My dad used to but 61 to 65s in Florida and ship them up north. Your restoration brought back many fond memories.
Ivan Lundberg : Sweden
Ivan Lundberg : I am iprt to Sweden Lincoln mark3 Conternental 1970
Ivan Lundberg : This car is rost.....12000miles ca 10000mil
C.A.McMillin : Great looking car Stu. I.m the guy thats always looking for automotive postcards. I'm still looking. Have a great day. Mac
Alby  : What a fantastic job the guys at Bakers have done. I live in Western Australia and am lucky enough to look after and work on a 1963 Continental for a client. It is of great help to see how the car should have looked in the day and your pictures are a huge help for me as I work through the car. regards Alby
Jim Hamilton : Message Bravo Dude, You did a fine thing. My 1972 Mark IV and I salute you.
Neil : Neat Web Site. Now if we only get some nice weather so that you can drive it. Oh, I'm sorry "Queenie"
ALAIN DE PRAETER : I live in Belgium and I own a 1963 convertible that I hope to have on the road this summer,too many cars and projects congratulations on your fine job
Jeff Smith : A beautiful car. I am glad that others also like these cars. I have a number of 63 lincolns myself, but the only rusty one that I started out with is a convertible, and it has been in the body shop for nearly two years. After paying the bills to him, I am going to stick to rust free cars from now on!
Orlando : Fantastic job!!! She is beautiful. Congratulations from Miami, Fl
Brian : Congratulations on a job very well done! Kudos to the guys at Bakers as well. I have a 63 sedan that I have been bringing along s-l-o-w-l-y for the past 18 months. I just got a new carburetor from Baker's. I appreciate the photos as you progressed; they have given me some good insight into the process ahead. YOU DONE GOOD, STU!!!
Bill Danner : You have encouraged me to improve my '65 sedan. Thanks.
David Seward : Stu,
David Seward : Great job! A labor of pure love and joy!
DAN K : yOUR CAR IS TOPS. My family had a'63 brewster green Cadillac, but I always preferred Lincolns. This is in poor taste, but what was the cost?Message
Dan : Great story. And your Lincoln is beautiful. Congratulations. We have several 63 sedan that is also in the final stages of restoration. Great Job!
Matt Denny : What a wonderful car!! Your trials and tribulations have all been worth it. I am curently looking for my project and I hope my car trns out as great as yours. Your son did a great job on the site as well!!
Sharon E : Great story. I've passed it on to several people. Great web site. You have a lot to be proud of.
Dale S. : This is an extraordinary renovation-I think I am looking at the 1963 sales brochure. I hope someday to see it perhaps you will be at the
Mike J : What a fabulous car. I only can hope that my '62 will look that good. I was fortunute and found one with no rust and is all original. It needs some work. It just will take time to get it done. Great websight too.
Ivan D. : I love the way the lincoln looks, it's a great looking car. I hope you and family enjoy to the fullest.
Mark Carter : Stu- Once again your car looks remarkable. It is officially the water mark for what I would like to do with mine. The history behind your car makes it that much better. The only pictures better than the sun gleaming off the perfect paint, are the ones of your proud family around it. Congrats Stu
Mike : She looks great! Congratulations from Walsrode,Germany.
Micah hein : As many have said she looks remarkable . I have a likeness that is for sale but she has still to go througth restorations 1. All original part and complete top to bottom. best offer
Micah hein :
guido borelli : what a great job Stu!!!!! i'm speechless..:-) guido
Matt Spence : I've been looking at a '63 Continental convertible - you make it very tempting! Great website.
Lex Saulus : I just purchased a 1963 Lincoln. Its running and in good condition, however needs some work. Been searching for parts for the last few weeks and have not found any links with parts. Looking at your restoration has inspired me even more :)
Jason Moreno : That is one sexy lincoln one of the best I've seen I have a 63 lincoln my self that I have restored these cars are second to none so enjoy it wich Im sure you do very much
Bob Kuberski : Very nice work Stu! Give kudos to your son for his website as it's tremendous. I am impressed!
LC : bought a 65' Can you send me any info on what i should do to get the engine running! rebuilt, what do yo think?
Robert : Stu! Awsome! My father had an intense love for these cars and I drove a 1967 Lincoln in H.S. and college and that same vehicle is in my parents driveway also abondoned, I have often toyed with the idea of restoration but never really followed through. ummmmmmmmmmm........
John McHugh : Looks great Stu,have just started on a 63 myself
Lara Henderson : Your car was probably the most beautiful American road car of the 1960's, elegant, classy,subtle. What a departure from the overchromed and finned Cadillacs and Imperials! Thank you for letting folks look at your beautiful restoration.
Vince Tardy : I think the '63 Continental is one of the coolest cars ever. Your site is great - quite the saga. Thanks man, and congratulations!
Anthony Caracausa : Stu-Very nice! I have a project with a 1966 model that was literally swamped in Louisiana. It took me 4 years to get 'im on the road, but two wars, you know how that is. He's running now, but he still looks like an organ donor. I do get stares and salivating from strangers. Mine is a restoration/upgrade; I can tell you more if you're interested.
Valentino O. : Thanks for sharing your story and memories
Ted Ellsworth : Wow!! I really enjoyed hearing about your restoration, and you have one fantastic car now. It looks brand new of the show room floor. Congratulation! You give me hope that after you put some blood, sweat and tears, it can really be worthwhile.
alfonso r : Stu my man!! you did it, out of all the continetal i have seen.....yours rocks the top!. well stu 'im 18 years old and I'm going to get my first 63' continental in about a week or so, and your lincoln has enspired me to get it cleaned up and be right there next to you. stu you did a great job keep it up, you might find another car to restore
sam taylor : beautiful lincoln stu. i would love to see more pictures and have a few of my 63 if you would like to see it.
mark kyhl : Just started a 1965 hard top myself. I need success stories like yours to keep my focus.
jim bourke : i am buying a 67 that runs an is pretty good shape. i would apreciate any advice any one could give me. thanks!!
Myers Edwards : Great 63' Stu. I had a 64' during the early 90's. Did some business with Baker's. But didn't have the cash to finish the project. Also had a 71' MK III during the 80's. Your 63' has got me salivating again. Thanks for your story. And good luck!!!
jenni from the block : I just wanted to give you kudos for youe fantastic website and outrageous looking car. I have yet to tell of my adventures but your story and others are inspiring for us car 'junkies'!
Tom Valade : Sweet car! I love that era Lincoln.
mike : what's up stu i love your car and about to start on a 63 myself but i wondering: how much did you spent on yours?
daisy : love any car from the 60's and damn that lincoln is a beauty... my 19 year old boyfriend is gonna pick his 63 today but he wants to fix it up any ideas on what to start with?
Mike Schall : Stu... it looks great!!!!!
Al Johnson : I really enjoyed your article. Someday, I hope to find a conv. of that modle to put in my garage. Those were great cars!!!
Bob Eble : Kudos Stu for a wonderful restoration of a 63 Lincoln and kudos to your son on a great website. My 63 Lincoln is coming along slowly, but then, all good things take time and $$...
Bob Eble : One minor change to the statistics page: no electric wipers, they're hydraulic wipers run off the power steering circuit; assuming you didn't convert them to electric wipers during the restoration process.
Anthony Cerami: Very nice meeting you and your family. What a great Lincoln you have there! All the best.
Jim Miller: I was able to find a jewel '63 sedan 15 years ago and is still in perfect original condition with 50,500 miles as of this date. I admire your tenacity, and it gives me encouragement to make mine a hundred pointer.
Mark Hoag: Great car and website! I understand all you went through during the restoration process as I have been through it as well. There is just something about a dark green Lincoln! They sure are great! Keep her shiny, maybe we will meet on the road one day!
Mark Hoag: Oh yea, mine is at come for a visit!
Jim Colby: Stumbled on your homepage whilst looking for something else. What a fine stumble it was!
Rich Bichler: Enjoyed reading the story of your car and its transformation.
Lou Manus: What a great story and a beautiful car!
Rob Tran: Beautiful car!!
Giachino Chiaramonte: I hope I can stick through the restoration process like you did!
mario: I just bought a 65 and I am interested in restoring it could you please help me
Richard S. E. Johns: Thank you for leaving your photograph on my 1965 White/black convertible in San Francisco. I had that car restored by Baker in 1992, while Ron Baker was still active.
Bruce Heck: My 1970 Eldorado was painted with the same paint your '63 has, and it was a beautiful car. I'm currently looking at two '63 Continentals out here on west coast. Your restoration is an inspiration and a great target to shoot for!
Alan Perrault: Superb '63. Outstanding. I wish I was already there with my '64 restoration. Your project is an inspiration and yes it takes $$.
Robert Whaley: Perfect. I've got an '01 Conti; black over grey leather. I like it alot. But I like yours better.
Jim Hill krony77@hotmail.: PIMPIN'! In '98 I scored a '63 for $2,500. Due to an illness, I had to postpone my restoration. Now that I'm all caught up on my funds, I can finally dig in! I wanna convert mine into a classy cruise rod. Some nice "20 wheels, bags, and custom interior. The motor, which is an actual 429 c.i. block, will be all roller cams, lifters, & rocker arms. With fuel injection and a force inductor,along with the purring sound of a timing gear. All Chrome STAYS! Thnx for yer insirational work
Roy Garcia : my message is i like this car soo much its my dream car when kids were saying 64 impala i was calling out 63 cont oh and i liked the car before all the rappers did !
freddy: nice
mike masarweh: great job i own a 63 i hop ican restore it the same way you did
Andrew Anastor: Great Car!!! Nicely Designed Website Paul!! '63 hmmm id rather hav the excact same car steve mcqueen drove in bullit 68 stang to be excact.. wish i had one of them in the family... but any 60's car is perfect for the new drive in
Carlos Romo: nice job i have a 65 i would like mine to look like yours need advice
Chris Stevens: I've dreamed of owning a '63 continental for years and hope to someday convince my wife. Your car is absolutly the most beautiful '63 I've ever seen. I sometimes spend hours online looking at pictures of restored Lincolns, but have never seen one as detailed as yours. The pictures you have are great and show every bit of detail. Beautiful car..I'll be referring to your site when I get mine.
Pete Highlands: Very Nice stu ! Have a 71 Mark III Im doing now. Thanks for shareing "Keep on cruzin Brother"
Julien P. from Germany: I think the 63' Lincoln Continental is the most beautiful Car of the World.It's my Dream Car,and what you did with your Helpers is awesome.I just want wrote something on your Page because i was so many times on it,but i don't have found the right words,and you must sorry me because my English is not the Greatest.I just wish you and your Car the best.
1Phat7: Great Choice If you only knew what io was going to do to a 1963 Convertable it would make you cry and happy all at once. Ill keep you posted ASAP
A Singh from Maryland: Just like you like I have been dreaming to own a 1963 Lincoln Continental. You got yours. I hope to have mine one day. It is a beautiful car. Great restoration job. Keep on crusing and Enjoy the ride!
KC Chaney: I own a 1963 lincoln continental that has been sitting since 1985. Considering having it restored, but not sure if Im up for journey. Thanks for sharing your story. Happy riding!
Jeff Helman: nice car, I love the green. I'm restoring a 63 conv. and can relate.Thanks for sharing so many detailed pictures. Don't feel bad about the cost,I have done my share to add to the economy in Putnam, Ct. Thanks again and enjoy!
jake dout: im restoring a 1962 lincoln sedan and would like to know were you got yours don at and if so can i contact you some time thanks and my number is 1-970-241-3050 thanks and have a nice day
Plain Jealous: Your car is simply beautiful
Henderson: GREAT CAR!!!! I own a 63' convertible in great condition, but need to do some mild restoration. I, too, am going to use Baker's auto out of Conecticut; it looks like that's the way to go!! Again, great site!
jdbob: I have just completed the restoration of 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. And understand the costs and problems getting all the new? parts and installation. Your car is beautiful, but I still prefer mine.
Robert Griffitts: Thanks for your strory. I have a 63 conv blue, but I love your white upholstery
dzuro: Hey man your car rules... respect
More Jealousy: I've loved this car since I was 8 in 1963 and I've wanted one just about as long. Unfortunately, while I have the money to buy one, I could never hope to get it restored to such a fine level. Congrats on sticking with it. I don't envy many folks, but this car makes you the exception. It's a fantastic, beautiful machine.
Joe Crumpler: Beautiful automobile! The wheel covers however, look like they came off my cousin's '73 Mark III. I'm contemplating restoring a '93 Continental my wife's sister bought new. She replaced it with a Town Car. Ugh!
Kelly Boucher, WPC: Stu, beautiful car and great website!! Congratulations
Matt: Great job on the car and site. Thanks for sharing
gabe: nice car im getting myself into a project much like your and i was wondering how much the overall cost to you was and what cost you the most out of everything
gabe : o i got the car from an elderly women for 300 dollars with no big problems
JOEL : I just bought a 1963 continental to restore, I am stoked. I paid $2,000. It was a florida car, it only has 23,000 original miles on it. After looking at yours all done, it inspires me to get mine done asap.
David Seward: Very nice! The 63 is the prettiest of them all.
ski from tacoma: i love my 66 she big black and beutiful
mtyquinn: I am redoing a 62 lincoln and your site really inspires! Thank you!
john: Beautiful car! I'd love to own one some day.
Ed Callison-Atlanta, Ga.: Congratulations--great job and beauuuuuutiful car!!!
Louis Merkle: Man we had a mellow-yellow '68 suicide with black top and black leather int. Looking at you ride I could smell ours when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories! got your link from plannertalk Great job on the car. I am going to start work on mine now that I have the whole getting married and buying a car thing out of the way. I am going to keep mine white and put in a 460, I twisted a rod about 2 weeks after i bought mine. Thanks for the inspiration.
lincoln leslie: i have a '63 and i need a new windshield. i am having a hard time finding one at a decent price. can anyone help me?
Jeff Lokken: Beautiful job, I have a 1977 Bill Blass Mark V that I spent the last 6 years restoring. She`s about 97% completed,can`t wait for the summer cruises. Enjoy your car..
mark.: cool.
john w. winnen: cool
CurtL: Stunning ride! I had a 62 in college and a georgous 63 in the early 80's. Your story has got me looking for another!
jsblack: Great story of family & dedication!!
Doug: It is remarkable. I, myself, am the proud owner of a '01 Lincoln Continental and absolutely. It is my 2nd Lincoln and my father was a Lincoln man. I am looking forward to the concept Lincoln Continental becoming a reality for those alike. Enjoy you deserve it!
nathan fiot: very nice,just started my saga today,I picked up a 61 today for $1000 wish me luck
Gordon R: I loved looking at the pictures on your web site of your 63 I have a 68 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors , I hope I can restore it half as nice as yours . GREAT JOB!!!
Brian Messina: Man thats one remarkable engine compartment.I'v been around cars my hole life and you owm a Best In Show.
sandy garth: My husband just bought the same car! I hope he does as good as a job on his car as you did on yours. Now that I can see how beautiful of a car it can be I won't complain about the car as much!! Now our daughter can't wait till it's done so he can drive her to school in it, she said all the kids will be jealous!! Thanks for letting people see such a beautiful car. Almost as pretty as my SE Mark VII !!
Joseph Phillips: I used to have a '62. I really miss it. You '63 is so beautiful.
Elias Levis: is Beautiful Car Lincoln Continental 1963 Continental is Good Car
Midnight: I always wanted a suicide Linc., top choice '63. I have settled for a '79. Was '63 the last car for JFK?
Chris: Great car!!! I fell in love with a 63 lincoln in 85-20 years later Im still working on it!!!! I think Ill take it to a real pro and have him go through it-Im no good mechanically either and have had terrible luck with the mechanics here in alaska. any recomendations for a restorer?? congratulations again!!!
big freddy: love your car i have got a 63 in my garage that i have been trying to get on the road.need a gas tank
jay kahn: I think your 63 lincoln is really nice looking. I just recently purchased my first lincoln, although it's a 99 continental. Now I'm turned on by all lincolns.
falcala@bellhelicopter.te: just purchased a 1963 continental, not quite as nice as yours but doable
HUGE FRANK: im only 15 but i really wanty to restore the same exact car thats awsome nice job!
dave: I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the pictures and your story. I'm now looking for a 61 to 63. Interestingly, an ad for a 61 is using the picture of your car in your folks yard. The link is ...
Teddy J. Felder: One Beautiful Ride
david gibbs: Went 2 an estate sale in hollywood today,silent screen star pete morrison,there in the back yard of this huge house was a 100% complete 63 lincoln sedan, weathered on the outside, PERFECT on the inside, keys still hanging in the ignition...what a beauty!!! Contact Contact
steve andrews: oops! nice car nice website stu my dad bought a 63 conv. new maroon white/white a lot of memories i bought and sold a 65 sedan in the 80's exhaust systems are costly for these cars. i'm loking at a 61 sedan its supposdlya nice car just needs work onthe leather which isint cheap ill try to find another lincoln with a nice matching int. nice car nice site, stu! if your ever bring it to boston i wanna see it!
Kevin Wright: envy
David Carillo: Looking at purchasing a 1963 Lincoln. What size whitewalls do you have for the car?
VIRGIL REYNOLDS: STU--I SURE WOULD LIKE TO SEND YOU A TWIN TO YOUR 1963 LINCOLN..SEND ME YOUR E-MAIL AND ILL SURPRISE YOU really enjoyed reading your story(awesome website).Thanks for sharing. Great looking car too!
GADSTER: stu;great story,love the website. see you at the next show!!
patso: Getting a '63, I'm absolutly amazed at the quality in yours. Very well done!
Tapihana: What an awesome project job well done.
Gary Kafka: Stu, Congratulations on your Restoration of a very nice ride. This has helped to give me a little more inspiration to begin the restoration of my 1973 Lincoln Continental 2 door Hardtop. (NOT a Mark Series). Stu, I'm really impressed that you took the time and money to do it right. It's as classically beautiful as the day it rolled off the showroom floor. Quality will always tell. Great job. Sir, I am in love with your car. Someday, I hope to marry one just like her - God willing. Thanks a bunch for sharing. i have a 63 i need parts,where
Graydon Maki: Awesome car I also own a '63 Connie had it since 1973 A web site to be proud of! Stu. I have an original 1963 Lincoln Continental which was purchased by my Great Grandfather. And I'm gonna have to sell to someone who will have the intent to restore. Sedan Black Satin w/black leather int. Drives like a tank.
LincolnFan: I've always wanted to get a 1963 Continental, to me the 1961-63s were a beautifully designed car, not the finned crap from Cadillac or the backwards looking deformed garbage from Chrysler. Continentals Rule Man!
Pete from Montreal: I've been looking for a '61-'63 Lincoln. I haven't seen alot of them around Montreal, Quebec where I live.
Mike: Hey Pete I know of a '63? Continental sedan for sale here in Toronto I believe the asking price is $5000, so it would be worth the 5 1/2 hour drive from Montreal to check it out. I loved the story... I am also restoring a 1963 Lincoln, already done with interior but slowly looking for exterior parts like trunk lid, windshield,grille, and bumpers...wish me luck.
Gary Hacker: I live in Thailand but have a 63 Lincoln stored in SF with low mileage. this was my Dad's car he was a LM Dealer in Oakland, CA. Car is original paint and has been stored in garage since 1979. I am old now and may sell the car.
John in St. Louis: Absolutely fantastic - what a dream come true!
Chris Ingram: Beautiful car and great website! Congratulations. I used to live in Millville, and, who knows, maybe I'll be able to visit in my next Lincoln. Best wishes, and well done! very nice chrome like concept looking for the j-shaped spring clips which are around the radiator shraud. looking for 6-8 mechanic needs them after loosing when recorring my radiator....I live in Sprinfield NJ Any ideas Rich Greenberg last e-mail address was incorrect, please note correct e-mail is
Creative Film Cars: Truly a beautiful automobile. Congratulations! We are proud to have you in our database of film cars.
vonxulu: have a 63 conti, am putting in a late model 460/c-6 combo any tips?
Jim from Australia: I am the owner of a 77 Mark V which I saw for sale in Pa. a couple of years back, and just had have, so I bought it and had it shiipped to Australia. I just love it and really like the look of your Lincoln. Needless to say, I am the only kid on the block with a Lincoln Continental.
Chris Rhodes: I have a 63 lin I've always loved them love since I was little.
Wendell from Seattle: That is amazing. You did a fantastic job. I own a 1993 Town car, which I am currently restoring. Hopefully someday, I will have photos to share.
Ian upstate New York: I have had my 63 for about a year and half and i just put it on the road after 19 years of sitting. !'ve enjoyed your website for the past year or more. I, too, own a 63 (trible black convertible, and try to drive it at least once a week. Antique Auto Battery now offers an authentic Ford Power Punch 27F battery with internals built to military specs (no maintenance-6 to 10 year life span) and repro original battery cables, available from Baker, would really be the frosting on the cake! Excellent work!
i got a nova!: my dad did most of the body work on that car......beautiful by the way
The Alaskan: What a nice car, they did a great job finishing it. I own a 59 Lincoln Mark IV convertible and a 79 Lincoln Town Car and just love big cars. A freind of mine is restoring a 63 Continental like yours and he is getting close, it is ivory with a light blue interior.
john: Nice job...excellent resto job on such a big boat!Enjoy it.
Bob Schoenberg: This just proves a must have a great sense of humor to be in this hobby. Congratulations & best wishes.
treat22: just bought a 63, in somewhat good shape...need to find a good mechanice in northern cali
Bill Prindible: Check out this 63
Bill Prindible: Stu, I just won an award for the best of show at Hot August Nights in Reno for my 1963 Lincoln Continental for best unrestored chrome in a 1965 or older vehicle. Send me your e-mail address to and I will send you some pictures. My Lincoln is exactly the same as yours in interior colors etc. except that it is all original except for redoing the leather interior and repainting the car teal blue.
Bill Prindible (continued: It also has 253,000 miles on the original engine and runs like a top. I drove it over the mountains from Sacramento to reno for the show and it just cruised between 80 & 90 MPH. I too share your love of the car as my Dad had a dealership and we owned two of them which I grew up in at age 7 to 10 in Ohio. Hope you answer the e-mail so that we can compare pictures. My award from HAN says, And on the 8th day, God created CHROME. Stu, Wonderful story and the pix are great too. Thanks for preserving a piece of rolling history. just found a 62 lincoln through a friend of afriend,who wanted it out of her garage.the car was garaged for thirty years and everything still intacked but one piece missing, the vissor on the passenger side.body is in exellent shape,what a great car.believe it or not i only payed $100.oo for it.i am going to havee fun restoring this one.
Scott Mac Millan macsc@ri: Stu, like your self slowly on the way restoring my 62 also have 61 64 91lincolns and still needing parts luckly my 62 was stored indoors since 1975
Scott M Email adress incorrect the first time Stu-After your initial purchase how much did you invest to restore it!
livingston731@frontiernet: I have a 62-63 (not sure which year) in really good condition I will sell.
Steve in Alaska: I had a '63 Lincoln years ago. White exterior, black leather interior. Drove it to Alaska in '76. Had to sell it in '88 for I could'nt maintain it up here. Sold it to a bunch of Hell's Angels, who said they owned 6 or 7 of the things. If I were living in So. Calif, where I lived before moving to Alaska, I'd have one today, and would have a blast maintaining it properly. I recently took my deceased husbands 63 out of a where it was stored for 13 years. Before that , it was garaged for20 yrs. It only has 69000 original miles on it . I hope to sell it soon , maybe on ebaygarage
Cooper Film Cars: We would love to have you listed on our Film Car Database, in the Bus for over 25Years. Please email us at Congratulations! Great Car. Good looking family!. Excellent resto job! I may need some tips from you when I get my resto underway but first I need a solid 61-64 LC hardtop so if you know anyone looking to sell please respond. Stunning! Wonderful work, thanks for saving another wonderful car...And thanks for the excellent website! The page was linked over at, fabulous car, great story!! I always enjoy seeing a successful restoration!! Great car, great job!! great car we met at smithville car show I working on my 71 mark111 looking for two rear panal if you know of any please let me know
Dan/GOldman Classics: This is an OUTSTANDING example of '63 Continental. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!!
kyle: hey im buying a 63 lincoln myself and im only 17 and i hope that my lincoln turns out as nice as urs! I just bought a 63 Lincoln and about to begin the saga, any tips would be appreciated!
Nick (Hamburg, Germany): great car. great site. 'Nuff respect!
Dave: I've been looking for a '63 Continental,buticantfindone,knowwhereicangetone? this car is my dream car for the past 3 years i have been looking hard i need this car im 28 years old i need to start working on one like this can you tell me of anyone selling one to restore im in las vegas nv. the best story i read it 4 times allready and printed it i have it on my wall at home and office beutifull car 702-22-44-77-0
Jay Riippi: Ok I am a Cadillac man by nature but WOW I will always respect and want this car! Good Luck and thanks for sharing your story!
Rick in Columbus, Ohio: My dad has had a 63 convertible since the late 1960s, about 80K on it. He keeps it stored, running and clean but it is not a show car. Still, it is prettier than most modern cars.
Carleen: I have been trying to find a manual for my 1963 Lincoln Cont. and I'm having no luck. Do you think you could point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Carleen: my e-mail address is
FRED: Went back home to find my 85 year old Dad had sold our 63 for $1000. The new owner drove it home.
Dan Donaldson: I own a 62' Connie and am emotionally attachet to it! Your saga and car is remarkable - well worth the effort - One Americas Great Cars!
Roland of Switzerland: An absolutly wonderful car! Great Job! My dream is to have also a Lincoln but to find one is not so easy.
Steven Stealey: Thanks for the inspiration...I am starting to get my 69 Lincoln Mark III redone.
Joe Koenig: I just bought a 63 Continental yesterday!!! I can't wait to start my first project. If there is anything you could tell me about locating the hard to find parts it would sbe helpful. My email address is Thank you, and you have a beautiful car!!!!!!!!! Nice job on your 63. Giving me hope on finding hard to find parts.
peter: Sweet ride man. guess what man i found my car i have it now im verry happy i found it in sacramento i have it at home now i started to take it apart now im gonna do most of it my self if you wanna see pictures of it let me know im so happy good storry ill have my story up one day mine is a 62 lincoln it will be black
JFK: I think that the 1961-64 models of Lincoln are the most beautiful US car ever produced yours is a truly excllent example of this marque
Aaron from SoCal: Beautiful car! I've always loved those 1960s Continentals. My aunt had a triple white 1964 convertible when I was a kid back in the '80s. Fun memories! I'd like to own one someday. But my first (classic car) love has always been Tbirds. I have a 1965 Special Landau that's just cherry. You can see my Bird and my 2004 Mustang Cobra on my website ( Sweet ride, dude! How much did it cost to rebuild the engine? I assume you rewired the entire car. If so, how much was that? What advice would you give someone about to restore a lincoln? Your car looks great!
David Carillo: How do you take out the back seat?
kevin: Inice restoration, I have a 1940 Mark 1 conv. that was almost complete before a fire totalled it out. Now I'm thinking about selling the frame..know anyoone interested? E-mail me at or call Cell: 732-996-0795
Frank Johnson: 31 looking for a 63 or 64 lincoln continental convertible...... email me albuquerque, nm
lesterek from poland 19 : great i cars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom: I enjoyed your story. My brother had a 62 Lincoln Continental that was great. It got caught in the '72 PA flood and never was the same. It would have been great to do what you did to yours!
Mike A.: Your story is great and you tell it well. I hope to have a '61-'64 someday. Your '63 is beautiful and it's pic is the desktop background on my PC. Hope you don't mind. Lincoln Continental 1963 is Good Car
micah: hi
me : mercedes rules
cody: my dad owns jfks inagural car
cody: estimated at 1.5 million
wayne: We got a 63 with blk/white interior from grand dad. My wife and i can't wait to restore.
GregS: Very nice Stu. Your mechanical skill sound like mine. I have a Mark3 that I cannot afford to do a complete restore on at this point. Congrats on yours though .
jim: will trade 78 merc. for 61 lincoln
Leslie from Nova Scotia: Beautiful car, rare color. What a great feeling it must be, to have it finally completed. Congratulations ! Nice ride love suicide doors I have a 1956 Continental Mark II and I just love Lincolns they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert: rk
Fredman: unbelievable! i hope to get my 66 convertible to that state - someday! as to whether i'll have baker's do the whole shabang is another story... Mazel Tov! - Fred Riss, Upstate NY
HBonetti: Hi, I`m from Argentina, I can`t resist put your Continental `63 like my Wallpaper. Excelent & Beatuiful Job, Congratulations!
Andrew: great story I have a 68 2 door currently restoring the kids and i can not wait to go cruising and the wife. AUSTRALIA NSW
Gary: Sweet ride...I'm day's away from taking my 68 Lincoln 2 dr with blk vyn roof for a strool
cody in florida: my dads fiend has a 63-64 continental just sitting in his yard
Nancy: Best regards from NY!
Mike, Great job! I just bought a 63 lincoln just like this. It was parked in a semi trailer for several years. Bad shape. I am surfing the web for any info on it. Can't wait to get it running. I am not going to fix it up beautiful like yours, just a daily driver. The boys want me to build a rat rod out of it.
Edward: Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
Greg S: I found you by error, and you have all parts that I have looked for with great effort for my 63 Lincoln. Thanks for being there and available with parts no one else has.
John Lauseng Fla,USA: wow what a fine machine never seen one better, my hat is off to you sir, John Hi Stu! How wonderful! I have a '68 4 door here in Tucson (interior shot but bullet straight, no rust and perfect chrome and stainless) that I have been ALMOST ready to send to Steve at Baker's! This tipped the scale. Best wishes for a long relationship and Shalom!
Starr Manning: Hi Stu!!!! Beautiful car!!!! My husband just bought me a 63 Lincoln Continental. We run a body shop so he is doing all the work himself. Was just interested in where you found parts for your car. I have been checking on Ebay. I would appreciate any other places to check. My email address is Thanks
j i hav 64 lin w.convert
j frost i hav 64 w.convert,bought 2 yrs ago,runs lie a swiss watch;will sell for the right offer. bought from the origial owner 96 yr old lady.true story.i stop bull..wakefield,mass.
Russ Wollman: as few cars are, it's immortal and heavenly, with grace, dignity, and distinction with no pretense whatsoever...
Sonni Woodbury: I own a Triple Black 1963 Lincoln Continental. Vehicle was nearly 100% restored in 2003. I am contemplating completing the restoration or selling to serious enthusist. Vehicle is in West Palm Beach. Owner in Northeast. Your
al barros: need 1963 leather inteior
Dean Marks: You have a real beauty! Very well done! You make all of us that have one day hope to be like your Continental hope!
Dave H:: Hey man, great job that cars sure a beauty. I hope someday i get one of my own. I say it again wow.
john3oy313: i'm buy the 65 from a freind in a few day for only $500 and it is a good looking car and it run's great it only need's alittle work but i go to shcool so i'm goin to work on it alittle at a time and i hope it turn's out like your car your car is a good looking car and i like it and your car is what i want my car two looki like
richard reeves waco tx.: my grand father gave me his 63 .i would like some one too help me find some inside leather for the seats its callled rosepeddle and where i can get a pinion seal for the rear end.contactme at thank you
scott hancock: hey nice job on your car i just got a 63 of my own it needs a little work to bring it back to were it needs to be hope i can get it as nice as yours one day I like your car very nice job i have a 63 myself restoration in progress im looking for interior parts such as all four door window switches door jamb rubbers
Nathan Tavarez: Beautiful Stu. I am looking for a 1962-67 Continental Convertible.. If you can be of help email me at ( Thanks In Advance.
Jur de Jong: You own one of the nicest suicides I've seen so far.
liam saggers sydney austr: Mate, you wouldn't believe it. My 63 lincoln restoration story is identicle to yours. Parts are scarce on this side of the world. i saw it out the pub window i was working at and had to have it. been off the road for two and a half years. just got painted egg shell colour. you have a beautiful car. hope your kids appreciate the majesty.
vc: hello first sorry forr mi englesh. i am Albanian .I live in toronto. I see this car in sam ad end i coll to bay bad no luck . the restoration is very vey nice 10PLUS I
VC : sorry i tuch rong buton . so i was seing i im going to buy 1 lincoln 1962 end i wona du the seim thing . ibelive wen you restor samthing like this you ristore the history again very nice job you boys det i well ask you boys for sam help wen i do mine thenkyou end again amsory for the inglish. ps for eny thing .
vc : oh i fergat ied i see this car before at wen i see i think thet its going to be nice car. thenks again Congrats to you for your fortitude. The car is beautiful. can you give me an idea of what you spent on the restoration? Stu, Simply magnificent, the most beautiful of American cars!
Karl diaz: Beautiful example.
Michael: Stu, your car is very very nice, all the work and time paid off. I have a 68 continental which is allmost show ready. Stu maybe you can help me out, my radio is an AM/8Track. with both knobs one the right side one above the other. I'd like to keep the original face, but I want it to have FM and MP3 capibility. Any ideas. MSYJ2@AOL.COM
Jeremiah Simmons: I just bought a 63 linc and not sure where to start.
Lincolnman: Hey, I loved the story! From when you were younger, til today, you kept the lincoln passion alive!! I had found my dream 66 hardtop for $500 but it literally slipped out of my fingers! I hope i get another shot! Thanks again.
MIK' LS: Nice stankin lincoln! i'm a blues musician and one of my songs is called"63' Licoln" truly a beauty
Jerry Roberson: I have a 1963 four dr
MattG: I admire your dedication to such a nice level of restoration. You deserve all of the awards you have won! SWEET car!
Emily: I own a white 63 Continental please contact me at any time. I need your help and advice please help it's in great shape.
Bjrn Westerberg,Sweden: Hi,im fron Sweden,and i am ! off Lincolns biggest fan in Sweden,I am 50,and will probebly never get the money to buy 1 Lincoln,but i can dream...Should be very happy if you can send pictures,more the better,So at least i can look at them,Lincoln roules,send too,have a nice Lincoln life
ronald bush: good looking 63,i have 62 hard top in the past i had 65 convertabal and a 61 no rust with only 46000 miles on it sorry i sold them ,but i am looking 4 another convert. i love my 62 was a project for me and my son jason he drove it to senior week.he will be the next owner of that car <
Cameron Burnett : Awesome man.....I'd die to have one that nice
walt lennon: saw you at Hersy I have started on my 63 conv. paint all stripped now work begins.
Camie : Beautiful car!! Wow!! Very classy.
Rodney A. Spencer: Beautiful car! I have a 64 that I am getting started on; thanks for the inspiration.
Chaz DeSimone: great animation...on my favorite car of all time!
Johnny Tattoos: That a bautful car my friend I myself also own a 63 linc connty she 's in need of some love and labor. It takes alot this I know but after seeing how wonderful your car looks I'm all that much more excited about emabarking on this restoration.
Nick woods: fantastic car: im looking for a 63 to 65, hard to find RHD in Australia
Murrinus: Great car ! Nice work :)
Matt Carr: Looking for someone who restores Old Lincoln in San Diego or Oceanside
Matt Hoober: I have'nt purchased the Lincoln of my dreams yet (61to64) but reading your story was food for thought, congrats bro, enjoy.
Robert: What a beauty you did the car just the way it original came I have a 64 convertible and would appreciate if you can tell me how much money a job like that costs . I'm interested in doing that same restoration to mine. My email is Thanks and enjoy the car.
rick: trying to find 63, for my son and I , allways taked about a 63.
Tony Versaggi: I'm inspired! I have a '63 in the garage that needs restoring. I live in Marlton, NJ Where should I start?
Jay Runnfeldt: Love what you did with your Lincoln! I just start on the restoration of my 63 convertible. Engine and exterior should be done in a couple of months. Im going to wait till next winter for the interior so that I can drive it this summer.
chicago bears: just wanna say thats a nice looking car i hope to start my 63 project soon thanks for the inspiration
hugh: How many trillions came from your pocket?
Trevor Brownie: nice car Stu not many Lincolns out here in New Zealand i have a 69 Lincoln Continental 2 door coupe with original 64000 miles bought out to NZ in 1997 which i love getting out for the odd cruise.
Nels Eastgard: Great job. Looking for a 65-67 convertible to work with. If anyone hears anything is my email. thanks for the website its been very helpful
Scott W. Whitley: Love your car! I just purchased my 1963 Lincoln Continental for $5000.00 and I abosolutely love it! It was actually in pretty good condition for a 63 model.I`m having it re-painted along with other minor fixes but when I get it back she`ll be an absolute fox!
oskardog: Hi Stu, Received the reverse lenses yesterday, and installed today. PERFECT!!! Thanks so much! Matt Mercer
GeorgeGe: Your suicide is the greatest.You really need to be proud,many congratulation :))))
GeorgeGe: I would like to buy one of 63-64,any colour,any condition,any Thanx
Rick: Some friends of my parents had a 1969 Lincoln Continental. Man I was like a kid in a space ship in that car...It was a wonderful car. Never will forget that ride, smooth as air. And the speedomoter on that model was like a thermometer and changed colors to show your speed. Thought it was the coolest thing ever. Did most of the Lincolns come with auto headlight dimmers or was that an option? I am looking at a 1963 continental hard-top just like this that needs a little less restoration then yours did. How much did it take to fully restore this vehicle. I am looking at one for only 1,500 right now. if you could email me at it would be appreciated thank you. Loved the story
dee dee duncan: I was born in 1963 and looking to purchase a restored 1963 vehicle. I've always loved the suicide doors. I currently drive a Lincoln. Your '63 may have made my mine up for me. THANKS!
Richard Landis: Please contact me: I could sure use your advice. Thank you I just inherited a 1963 Continental 4 door.Original and 99% complete.No rot and minor specks of surface rust.I will be doing the whole restoration myself.It wont be as extensive as your restoration but I will be doing custom work.24" wheels Phat stereo system with DVD and Navigation.Bagged suspention and midniight black chrome for all the shiny stuff =)I will have my website on the project soon.Google me for details.
Vitas: Stu, I finally got to meet you and see your car. You have done a great work in memory of your GrandFather.
matt mercer: Stu, thanks again for selling me the reverse lens! It's perfect! Matt
craig: Great story. I love hearing about these classics being resurrected. It's odd, thinking back in the 80's, you'd see 60's cars in various states of disrepair on the roads. Now most have given up the ghost - save for cases like this. Kudos
brick kane: grate car I want one now.
Brad Smith: Fantastic restoration. I just boughta burgundy '63 convertible last month and can see I have my work cut out for me. Your car will be an inspiration during my car's restoration. Great job.
sayah FRITES: donne les ofrrents
Dave: Hi there, listen, I am sure you actually have tons of people asking you to please contact them for this, or for that, and I guess I am another one. I need to move on to my next stage in my resto, and I was wondering of I might be able to either call you, or get some answers from you via email if nothing else. I just wanted some pointers, mainly. GREAT JOB WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL LADY!!!
Bill Rowland: Very Nice
JohnnyBoy : Stu, your story is awesome and really gives the average joe like me inspiration that with patience, luck and money , we all can have a beautiful piece of American Beauty like yours riding down the open road. Your family is very cool for all the support! Enjoy.
KenK: My first car was a 1972 Mark IV and I have been in love with them ever since! Me next door neighbor has a 63 with suicide doors in his garage that i am dying to buy as soon as i can convice the wife! Thanks for your web site. it was inspiring!
sean siegler: I have a 1963 lincoln continental that needs to have the engine rebuilt could you help me out?
sean siegler: my email address is thanks
tl_specialtydynamics@yaho: were can i find chrome peices
txrdr8r: Who did you trust to do the restoration for you? Approximately how much did the resrotation cost and over what period? Appreciate the referral. Thanks! Looks excellent.
RussellH.: Just wanted to tell you that your car is awesome and great job!!
DuncanB: You've captured my dream! Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to render everything so clearly on your site. Awesome team work!
John L: My first car, in 1974, was a 1963 Lincoln. To this day I am not sure I have had a nicer car, and that includes a full size Mercedes Sedan. Iwas the pinnacle of comfort, room, power and looks. Seeing the excellent job you did with this one makes me want to find one too. Nice car!
Chuck Gore: I am from the Lincoln Forum. Can you shot me a email
lbixler: good job
abraham f: great job, love the pictures...
PJ : Great Job on the site! It was well written and put together as well as a great story. Congrats on its completion!
ryan: what year did the continental come out
ryan: and when did the shop with the sucide doors
fred helmstetler: nice looking car still working on mine but fun to drive and see the looks.
JulianJ: My church just bought a burn-out house with a 63 Lincoln in the garage. I was looking forward to this rebuild project to raise funds for my church but someone stole it. Your car is beautiful and the exact way I would have done it.
Mark Schnizer: I enjoyed your article in Lincoln and continental comments. Your story is similar to mine. I have loved 60's Lincolns since I was 10 (I'm now 43). I purchased a 63 Convertible In June of 99, sight unseen. I figured it would need some work but I wasn't prepared for the surprise when I saw the car. Nine years later with a wife and two kids and a lot less cash, I have a musuem piece, like yours. Mine is chestnut with a honey beige interior. Cincinnati Ohio.
Martin Teem: Congratulations, it is a beauty.
Steve K: Wow..nice car. I'm just starting on a 1964 32K original car. Now if I could just find the info I need on the power seat mechanism so I could reach the steering wheel (ha)...
Jose Rubio: Un sueo hecho realidad,enhorabuena!!
Peter Khachadurian: I own a 1964 59,000 original miles that I am saving towards having restored. Thanks for the stories and for showing that if your patient you can get it done.
hugh: Do you know a good place to get weatherstripping fora 63 convertible?
chino chao: hey im having a heck of a time locating parts if you know of anyone parting out any or some junk yards that will ship please let me know 602-989-4463 and kick a$$ job on the car your keeping the great times alive!! nice story! i just wanted 2 add for those who are looking for parts on your 61-69 lincoln, i have made many duplicate parts including hoods and trunks! if interested check out my website in about 1 week. thank you!
melissa matlock: i need to get the transmissons for the front seats. where can i find at email
juan: aloha, love the car, started my 63 and need somewhere i can find a wiring harness for the whole car, please!!!!
Justin: Love the car man. I want a 60-something continental so bad I can't stand it. Find me a cheap one to fix up!
DaphnefromWINDSORCANADA: I love cars. Im looking for Anthony Caracousa who has a 66 lincoln.Please let me know how to get ahold of you
Wendell: Hey Stu, great work! I'm looking at picking up a 63 within the next week and like you know nothing about auto repair. Would love to know what I'm gettin into $$ wise. How much did your restoration run you?
Corey: Very nice! I first drove a big car (82 Cadillac) and I bought a 98 Town Car last year for a good price. I actually like it better than I thought I would so now I guess I'm getting back into big cars. Found a 62 Cont. hardtop about 20 miles from home which I think has some potential. Please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions.
brett: beautiful car. My father ownes a 63 biege cont. 4 door hard top in mint condition so i can really appreciate this automobile. Great job!
Jim: Nice Just about to start on a 63 myself, Always up for a good challange
George: Stu- It's a wonderful story and really communicates the kind of attachment some of us feel for a big hunk of metal. Not an easy thing to explain to some people. I have been working on a '62 for years now. Its been a labor of love and my way to forget business and the rest of life's concerns for a few hours each weekend.
Martin : Hi - great site you have! I have recently created a new website for Lincoln Continentals. - would you be interested in doing some link exchange? I would be happy to link to your site from thanks in advance
Drew: What an absolutley beautiful car. The people who worked on her are top notch. In my opinion, the best full size car ever made.
Kasen: Hi. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I am from Canada and too poorly know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "In this day and age of higher prices and a lower standard of living, it can be hard to make ends meet." With best wishes ;-), Kasen.
Jur de Jong: The 1963 is my favorite first generation suicide. And yours is by far the nicest I have seen. Beautiful car!
Kari Ramas: Hi Stu Amazing work , with this beauty, I have Imperial Le Baron -62 since 1979 and used her 20 years. Now it is waiting restoration. You give me inspration to start here in Finland . best wishes Kari e-mail
yvind Hetland: Hey Stu,amazing car,very nice work.10 out of 10,best regards from Norway :-)
Bob Keeter: What a gifted restorer you are! A dream come true for slab side fans!
mike novak: GRRRRRREAT!!!
bengard: i have a 1963 also that was passed down to me and i was wondering if you knew any good websites to get interior parts, im trying to rebuild this on my own and any help would be greatly appreciated. email me at
Maggie: Good, but too long
Howard: Awsome! One of top to praise lord of the world! MATT DENNY'S
Eric S.: Just got my 63 and now I see what it can become, You have done an amazing job.
Lyndell: Pretty, pretty, pretty.
chris: great car i am working on a 66 now and your car is one i will model after thanks!
bone thompson: Man that is a great looking car, I just started on mine 64 Lincoln 59,000 original miles and man it runs great when mine looks like yours I will send pictures
Rol from Toronto: Very nice! Does anyone know where I can get weatherstripping for my '63? Thanks!
Rol from Toronto:
david from tx sa town: i just got a 68 LC in feb it took me long time to get the tank done but i got it done so everthing else should go smoothe, and your car looks bad a$$, my car will be done in a couple of years
adam: can i please buy one
AL: Would like to see you and car at Somernites Cruise ( ) SOON!
Danny frome Vineland: Awesome Website Beautiful Car, the story makes this so much better! Great Job
Daniel Drsch: 27.11.2009 greetings from germany - im driving a 1965 convertible.... im still working on mine but yours is realy great - nice work kind regards daniel...
Scott MacMillan: I own a 62&63 great cars.
Rosendo: Thanks for sharing this great restoration process. Good work. I can see you are having fun with it--carry on!!!
XeniaOhioDave: I love them suicide doors.
HD: 4 Sale 63 Lincoln Continental in Metro Detroit A complete 4 door sedan and running asking $7k
Jeff from Marietta, GA: I LOVE your car - it looks incredible!! Hope that you're enjoying it to the fullest! I'd love to get one of these for myself someday...
jdahlgren: I have the same exact one in my garage but doesnt work. i have really wanted to get it working but affaid it will cost too much. how much did it cost for you to do all that.
Mommasita inDet.Mi.: I have a white 1963 Link that runs great. My trans & motor were rebuilt years ago. I just need a great paint guy, Know anybody in the Detroit area that"s good?????
Jan Sroka: One of the most beautiful cars in the world, ever.
Fred from Manhattan,KS: Stu,your 63 is a work of art! I'm looking for a nice 64 or 66 Continental in black. By any chance would you know of anyone in the Kansas City area that might have one for sale?
Mary Trimmins: Just bought 1963 Lincoln
Mary Trimmins: Going to have to do a lot to this car but it will be fun..looking for some help email:
ian gibson: Stu, great job! wow! you really did that car a great service! I am buyinga 1963 lincoln and was wondering what you spent? please email me so i have a baal park of what to spend!
oscar: Great car! how do I access the antenna motor on a 63 lincoln?
Bob in MA: Just looking at your car is better than doing drugs (not that I woud know anything about that)!!!
Vincent: Gorgeous restoration. I'm working on my own restoration of a 1989 Audi 90 Quattro.
<h1>He<h1>: <h1>He<h1>
Mary Trimmins: Want to send photo slide
Kim: I have to tell you I think what you did was great! I myself have a 1991 Lincoln Cont. It is to this day looks like it came off the show room floor, now not to say it did'nt need work it did we are the only owners of this car and will keep it. I think you to have a love for your car too! It came out just beutiful good luck with it from now on.
Samuel 66: msg to oscar ...the antena motor is behind the inner fender..a half a dozen 1/2 body bolts and it come out
dick couch: sold my 63 today 22.000 miles real sharp 14.210 .00 hated to see it go
Mike Levy: starting restoration on 63 LCC. Need conv. rail parts, new interior, top, etc. Any help and suggestions on best places to purchase out there?
Mike Levy...: Contact at
NickieM: My dad has a 1963 hardtop he'd like to sell. Would ask around $20,000. It's in fantastic shape and runs great! We are in San Mateo, CA. Contact
angel: i want 2 replace my motor wit something new but dont know what else would fit can you help ?
angel: sorry i have a 1963 at
Tom Blackburn: Your car is BEAUTIFUL!
Mike Levy: Hi Stu, I'm restoring a 1963 LC convertible. Saw you were from the Philly area...where I grew up. Now living in Arizona. Really enjoyed your website. Nice job on the Lincoln and the site. All the very best.
Denise B.: Fantastic website really enjoyed viewing it thank you for sharing your Lincoln story. I have a 1964 Lincoln with suicide doors. I acquired it in an unusual way in 1989 and learned to appreciate it over time.
Edwin B: Nice Restoration. Want them to do my Mark III. Would really like to know your restoration cost. Just to guage. contact:
Fred Halliwell: thanks for sharing! Brings back great memories!
Don Whitcomb: Got a '66 of my own ... needs restoration ... I'm in Maryland, any suggetions on who might do the restoration for me.
Ampaholic: What a saga - well done on sticking to it. The ride is fab
Matt: Hey Stu! Great ride! What did you do under the hood? I'm thinking about buying a 63 Lincoln Con from someone but want to know how much a restore will cost first. From the outside looks like it needs new top, new interior and I have no idea whats under the hood yet. Email me please
John : Towing question for 63
Ken: I want to upgrade my jamb result to 200nd abovecall_:08071622371 for help
John T : Love the car, I have the exact car. A one owner 1963 in Highlander Green. Love it.
Dave Pagliughi: Beautiful car with a great story behind it!
Jim Puccio: I'm starting my 66 Convertible, any tips?
Rod Moore: Wow! What a great car and great site.
Ezekiel Arena: Stunning
Steve and Cathy: Amazing journey for two amazing people
Manny: Your car is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your restoration and adventures with us. So worth it to restore a car when it brings so much happiness into your life!
art kelly birmingham, Al: Great picture in current L&C Comments!! Hope to see you again next year in Kalamazoo or Springfield, IL. I sure enjoyed our dinner with Tony, David and the gang.